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Our Story

Cofounders of Start Right Foods, Clint Matthews (left) and Kyle Rood (right)

Clint Matthews and Kyle Rood

wafflepreneurs and co-founders

It all started back in 2015, when we just couldn't take it anymore. Our mornings were rushed, and our options for a nutritious breakfast were limited. As former college athletes, we knew the benefits of eating a high-protein breakfast, but as work and life got busier we found ourselves sacrificing nutrition for the first, and most important meal of the day. Why can't delicious breakfast foods be healthy too?


And with that idea, Start Right was formed. With just three waffle irons and Clint's pickup truck, we began making protein-packed Belgian Waffles for grocery stores in mid-Missouri. Fast forward nearly a decade, our passion hasn't changed, but our products sure have! From Waffles to Waffle Sliders, our promise has always been to provide a convenient, protein-packed breakfasts for hectic mornings. That's why we truly believe, with Start Right, Breakfast is Solved!

Clint (left) and Kyle (right) holding up their products in a grocery store
Kyle (left) and Clint (right)
Clint, Kyle, and employees with products on a truck
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