As former athletes, we know what it takes to be running at peak performance, and believe that starts in the kitchen. It’s not just about the waffles. We strive to be a step towards having a healthier lifestyle and making overall healthier choices. We believe that a healthy lifestyle starts first thing in the morning with what you put in your body. From physical to emotional and mental wellbeing, you feel best when you treat yourself right. Fuel up for whatever the world throws your way!

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Why Waffles?

As kids, waffles were always a special treat. Fresh Belgian waffles were the best, but we didn’t mind toaster waffles either, especially when loaded up with butter and syrup. Now, waffles make us reminiscent of the good old days and are a reminder that there’s a kid in all of us. Instead of being a special treat, we wanted to create something that we could eat everyday that would actually help power us through our active lifestyles.


More than Just Waffles…

Similar to our mission, Girls on The Run STL empowers girls with the right tools to make healthy life choices. A portion of our revenue will go to supporting their mission and helping to empower girls within our community to unleash their limitless potential and establish a lifetime of healthy living.


Why Frozen?

When most people hear frozen meals, a picture of Danny Devito from Matilda eating TV dinners on the couch usually pops into their heads. However, today there are more and more healthy options in the freezer aisle. Freezing our Belgian Waffles and Waffle Sliders allows us to keep our labels free from any unnecessary additives and preservatives. Who would’ve thought eating frozen meals is cool again!?