Our Favorite Fall Toppings and Accompaniments

The air is crisp, the leaves are changing, and the pumpkin spiced lattes are flowing. Fall is here, and sadly quickly turning to winter in STL. Never fear! We have a few tips for keeping that fall feeling from vanishing too fast. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite Fall Toppings/accompaniments to keep the season going:

1. ) Apple Butter

apple butter. Apples. Fall. Apple Butter Recipe.

If you haven’t gone apple picking yet, we’re sure it’s somewhere on the calendar. It typically goes the same every year -- eat as many apples as you can while walking, pick more apples than you ever imagined you could carry, and take an endless amount of instagramable photos. Eating every apple before they turn mealy is a near impossible task, but this super simple apple butter recipe will help you make the most of the apple picking adventure and add a delicious topping to your fridge.

2.) Apple Protein Pancakes

Here’s another perfect recipe for using up all those extra apples you’ve picked. Save these for the days when you have the time to make a full breakfast in the morning. 10/10 would recommend. They’re healthy, they’re high-protein, and although they aren’t waffles, they’re delicious. These are perfect for a saturday morning before a hike, a bike ride, a run, or just lounging on the couch in your comfy cozies. We also couldn’t agree more with what Joy has to say about Starting your morning with extra protein...

3.) Spiced Pumpkin Butter

Pumpkin Butter. Pumpkin Pie. Pumpkin Spice Latte. Pumpkin

Yup, it’s as good as it sounds. Nothing says “Fall is here!” quite like pumpkin anything. Plus, this recipe is incredibly easy, and dairy free, so it’s healthy, right? Minus the pumpkin puree, everything needed is probably in your spice cabinet. Only other necessary component is a flaky biscuit, toast, or a cinnamon Belgian waffle ;)

4.) Warm, Spiced Apple Cider

Apple Cider Recipe. Spiced Apple Cider Recipe. Fall Recipes

This recipe is perfect for those weekend mornings where you want something a little more special than just coffee, but it’s so cold out you need something warm. This is good morning, day, or night, and when the kids are in bed, this mixes pretty well with another spiced drink that will help warm you up. Just a thought.

5.) Bourbon Maple Syrup

Lookout kids, this one is for the parents. This is the one time we will say it’s okay to reach into the liquor cabinet before 5pm. Making your own bourbon maple syrup is super simple, and takes your waffles to the next level. All you need is bourbon, pure maple syrup, and vanilla extract. In a small saucepan, add 1 cup of syrup with a dash of vanilla over medium-low heat. Add 2 tablespoons of bourbon and allow warm, about 2 minutes. Taste and add more bourbon if needed, a tablespoon at a time.

6.) Pumpkin Caramel Cheesecake Bars


We know, we know. You’re probably thinking, but Start Right, these aren’t high-protein or healthy, but hey, you’ve got to treat yo’ self every once in a while. Let us just say, these are the perfect treat during a gloomy fall day. Surprise some friends at a Sunday brunch with these puppies or just keep them in the fridge and enjoy them by yourself. We won’t judge you!