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Wafflepreneurs & Co-Founders

Clint Matthews & Kyle Rood

Our Story -

We created Start Right for one reason - eating a healthy breakfast just isn't convenient. As former college athletes, we both struggled to quickly wolf down enough food to fuel our early morning practices, but were usually left unsatisfied and hungry by the time our 8am classes rolled around. We knew there had to be a better solution for a high-protein breakfast than a can of tuna with mustard on top (bleh). We were also fairly certain that smashing a box of eight *ahem* other waffles, wasn't the healthiest of habits.

Luckily, our love of waffles became more than a guilty pleasure with the creation of Start Right Belgian Waffles. Delicious and fluffy as a waffle should be, but packed with protein to keep us going past lunch. Now managing a company, our lives are just as busy, but Breakfast is Solved!


Interested in joining our team? We're hiring!

Part-time shifts available at our St. Louis County facility

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